Each month Have You Got That Right? The Podcast will keep you up to date on the latest human rights developments.Our world class experts chat about the big human rights issues, and sometimes interview activists, academics, politicians and more.  

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Episode 1 - Humanitarian intervention, refugees and Jeff Sessions

We take a look at humanitarian intervention - why does the world so often invoke it as the solution to conflict? And is it even legal? We also chat about the latest Australian asylum seeker outrages and Jeff Sessions' back-to-the-future tough on crime stance. 

Episode 2 - Interview with Kevin Washburn on Native American issues

Kevin Washburn was the Obama Administration's highest ranked advisor on Native American affairs from 2012 to 2016. While he was our guest in Australia, we chatted to him about the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, land rights, Donald Trump's history with Indian tribes and more. Kevin visited as part of our Holding Redlich Distinguished Visiting Fellowship program.

Episode 3 - The right to protest

We consider the right to protest, when is it protected and what are the limits? We also chat about ducks, drugs in sport and man-spreading. With Marius Smith, Sarah Joseph, Azadeh Dastyari, Caroline Henckels and Tania Penovic.

Episode 4 - Interview with Kevin Myles on American civil rights

Kevin Myles is a civil rights activist for NAACP and our Maurice Blackbun Visiting Activist. We talked to him about civil rights issues facing the black community in America such as incarceration rates, police brutality and more.


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