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Legal Aid Resources

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Legal Aid Resources


Legal Aid Resources




High School

ABC, States and territories unite in fight against legal assistance funding cuts

Chris Cunneen, How fear and funding undercut a fair go for Indigenous Australians

Dina Afrianty, Photo Blog: Legal Aid Delivers Justice in Indonesia

 In July 2013, Indonesia launched a nationally funded legal aid system, supporting 310 organisations around Indonesia. Interestingly, funding for “legal aid” in Indonesia does not only cover state-subsidised legal assistance, but also public legal education/awareness-raising activities.



 Simon Rice, If I Were Attorney-General….

Professor Rice argues that legal aid is necessary for a just and equitable society. 

William Foxton, How Legal Aid Reforms are Clogging up the Courts

Azadeh Dastyari, Why refugees need legal aid

Denis Nelthorpe, A range of models work best for provision of legal help

Government funding for community legal centres is not enough to sustain their operations. Nelthorpe, the manager of two Victorian CLCs, discusses alternative models of funding, but argues that it cannot replace government funding for core legal aid and community legal services.

James Farrell, Slow, Expensive, Complicated Legal System Must be Improved

Emma Howard, Legal Aid in England and Wales: What is Changing?

 This article comments on the changes to legal aid in England and Wales since the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO) in 2012.

Legal Aid Worldwide (LAW) blog

Provides updates on developments in legal aid worldwide (mainly Europe, Russia and China)


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