World map of recognised marriage equality rights (as of November 2015).


High School

Australian Marriage Equality, 12 Reasons why Marriage Equality Matters (2013)

Paula Gerber, Should Australia legally recognise same-sex marriages validly performed overseas? (2014)

Paula Gerber, Marriage is best for raising children…that’s why we need marriage equality (2012)

Senthorun Raj (Amnesty International), Marriage Equality: it’s about Human Rights (2012).

Holly Ritsin, High Court Nudges Australia Closer to Marriage Equality (2013)



Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Submission to the Senate Legal and Constutional Affairs Legislation Committee Inquiry into the Recognition of Foreign Marriages Bill 2014 (2014)

Australian Human Rights Commission, Same-Sex: Same Entitlements (2007)

This report, by the Australian Human Rights Commission, led to the Federal government changing a large number of laws to remove discrimination against same-sex couples and their children.

Australian Human Rights Commission, Marriage Equality in a Changing World (2012)

This report, written by the Australian Human Rights Commission, details the Commissions viewpoint on marriage equality.

Human Rights Law Resource Centre, Marriage Equality: A Basic Human Right (2009)

This submission to Parliament, written by the Human Rights Law Research Centre, outlines a series of arguments on why marriage equality is a human right and offers a number of recommendations to how to change the law to reflect this. 



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