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ICC-CPI - International Criminal Court - Institutional Video (2012)

About the Court - Collection of videos to find out more about the International Criminal Court, its creation, its mandate, its structure, the principles that govern it and how it works

Human Rights Watch, “The International Criminal Court”

BBC, “What does the International Criminal Court do?

International Committee of the Red Cross, “Rules of War (in a Nutshell)” - This website includes a video explaining the rules of war set out in the Geneva Conventions.

Justice Matter Slideshows. This slideshow explores the experiences of those affected by crimes under the ICC’s jurisdiction, and how the ICC is working to bring justice to those victims.

ICC multimedia exhibition “Justice Matters” - The ICC exhibit Justice Matters uses intimate portraits and videos to explore how justice is crucial to survivors of the world's most heinous crimes, and how it matters to the world as we strive together to achieve lasting peace



Coalition for the International Criminal Court .

The ICC history Timeline - Explore the Court’s history through photographs [and videos] through this interactive timeline.

The ICC at a Glance Factsheet  

Office of the Prosecutor Factsheet  

Understanding the International Criminal Court  

Reporting on the International Criminal Court - A Practical Guide for the Media

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