See generally, this site on the Right to Environment.

Nicole Bjerler, Do Europeans have a right to environment?

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Jona Razzaque, “Human Rights and the Environment: the National Experience in South Asia and Africa” (Background Paper No 4, Joint UNEP-OHCHR Expert Seminar on Human Rights and the Environment, Geneva, 14-16 January 2002).

Fern Wickson, Why We Need to Forget the Environment.

 This is an interesting antithesis to the right to a healthy environment. Wickson argues that the environment should not be seen as an ‘’other” thing to protect, that indeed the idea of a “healthy environment” is unclear because the environment has changed constantly even before human intervention. She argues that the real question should be whether we are happy with our ‘ecological selves’ – i.e. the way we are interacting with the other living organisms around us.


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