Video Links

1.       Animation on the Universal Declaration on Human rights

2.       What is a human right?

An introduction to the concept of human rights, and the United Nations framework to promote and protect human rights.

3.       The Story of Human Rights

Introduction to the notion and history of human rights.

4.       Human Rights

Introductory video on human rights and global institutions (including the UN) that promote human rights protection.



Fact sheets about human rights generally

Human Rights Explained

A series of fact sheets by the Australian Human Rights Commission, designed to provide a general introduction to human rights

Human Rights in the Classroom

A series of detailed publications on specific rights, including children’s rights and the rights of people with disabilities


Blogs on human rights issues

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law blog

The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law seeks to promote and protect human rights through the generation and dissemination of public scholarship in international and domestic human rights law. This blog provides commentary on topical human rights issues.

Amnesty’s Global Human Rights Blog (LIVEWIRE)

LIVEWIRE is Amnesty’s global human rights blog, with contributions from writers all over the world. 

Oxford Human Rights Hub

Based in the University of Oxford Faculty of Law, the Oxford Human Rights Hub promotes human rights dialogue. Its blog includes commentary on recent human rights developments.   



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